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Hello, YS members,

Two more rehearsals left! We have the long-awaited parts (and score *whoo*) to the Finnegan Singalong, so parts will be on your chairs. The piece has several cuts written in which should be accurate. Let me know if you’d a scan ahead of time.

An early reminder, as well, for those needing a negative Covid test (PCR variety) for the December 18th performance, the target day to get tested will be Wednesday December 15.

Here the schedule for next time and what I plan to work on (and likewise what you should prioritize for this rehearsal):

Monday December 6 (2 rehearsals before dress rehearsals/concerts)

5:00-6:15 MR Hall



6:15-6:30 MR Hall

Warmup (on your own)

Possibility Assignment (discussion)

6:30-7:15 MR Hall

Singalong (new piece)

Russian Christmas Music

7:15-8:00 Office

Russian Christmas Music (continued)

Stille Nacht

8:00-8:10 Break (Lobby)

8:10-9:00 MR Hall

Christmas at the Movies

Sleigh Ride

A Christmas Festival

9:00 Dismiss

Practice Priorities

Unchanged from before: any technical parts that prove challenging for you.

Possibility Assignment

Be more generous than you think you have the resources for (extended edition – Nov-Dec).

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