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The University of New Mexico Symphony Orchestra and the Albuquerque Youth Symphony Program are delighted to announce the second annual AYSP/UNM Apprenticeship Program, to take place in the spring semester of 2024!

This initiative offers high-school seniors in the AYSP the opportunity to perform advanced repertoire with a collegiate ensemble – the University of New Mexico Symphony Orchestra – after a period of coaching and rehearsals with University of New Mexico and Youth Symphony faculty.

This experience will culminate in a concert with the UNMSO – one of three concerts of the spring semester 2024 – and a scholarship offer, in the amount of $2,000, to attend the University of New Mexico and perform in the UNMSO, recurring annually for four years, and contingent on participation in the UNMSO.

Pending a successful audition, students in the program will be assigned a specific concert on which to perform (each student will be assigned to a single concert cycle); assignments will be announced in January 2024.

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  • Incoming senior-level high school students currently enrolled in the AYSP

Audition Procedure

Interested candidates will submit the following materials in order to be made eligible for the experience:

  • A video recording of a performance of a solo work/concerto (or excerpt of the same) of no less than six (6) minutes in length, unaccompanied.
  • A video recording of a performance of your favorite two (2) minute excerpt of any of the AYSP music you’re currently rehearsing.
  • A statement, of 1-2 pages maximum, which describes the nature of your interest in the Apprenticeship Program: what are you looking to get from this experience?

Attendance Expectation
While participating in the Apprenticeship Program, all students are expected to maintain good standing with AYSP and attend all rehearsals of their respective ensemble. Repeated absences from AYSP will result in removal from the Apprenticeship Program.

Any questions should be emailed to both Dan Whisler at dan@aysmusic.org and Matt Forte at forte@unm.edu.


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