Hovey Corbin

JS Co-Conductor
Winds Specialist


Kristen Pickens

JS Co-Conductor
Strings Specialist

The Junior Symphony (JS) is the Albuquerque Youth Symphony Program’s most advanced middle-school symphonic orchestra. It is comprised of 70-90 dedicated middle-school string, woodwind, brass and percussion players from across the Albuquerque area. The Junior Symphony performs exciting and challenging symphonic literature, while focusing on advancing student’s technical skills and musicality.

WEEKLY REHEARSALS: Saturdays 8:30am-11:30am (unless otherwise noted) at the AYSP Facility.

SECTIONALS: Junior Symphony students participate in sectionals, during which each section works with a professional musician to assist them in preparing season repertoire and addressing instrument specific issues. Sectionals are held several times each semester during the regular rehearsal time with a variety of professional musicians from our community.

CONCERTS: The Junior Symphony gives three performances each season – an informal concert at a public school in early December (a “School Tour”), a formal concert in December at an APS Performing Arts Center, and a formal concert in April or early May at Popejoy Hall. These three performances, along with associated dress rehearsals, are mandatory for all members of the Junior Symphony.

SCHOOL TOUR: The Junior Symphony performs annually in early December at a public school in the Albuquerque area as part of the Albuquerque Youth Symphony Program’s School Tours. The host school offers one or more assemblies in the morning (usually between 7am-12pm) for their students, during which the Junior Symphony performs several pieces and students at the host school learn about classical and symphonic music. Junior Symphony students enrolled in APS schools are excused from classes on the morning of their School Tour. Parents bring their students to the host school and pick them up.


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