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IMPORTANT Popejoy Logistics & Concert Ticket Info

Concert Tickets:

– Students 18 and under are free – no tickets needed. Children 2 and younger cannot attend concerts at Popejoy at this time.

– Purchase Tickets:

– Mobile Delivery will send your tickets to your e-mail as a link to download and open with your phone. You will have an option to save to your Google Pay or Apple Wallet. Open the appropriate file per your phone. Please be prepared and have the phone fully charged and the file open to be scanned at the venue door.

– DO NOT print your ticket on paper. Popejoy will only accept the ticket on your phone.

Popejoy COVID Policy:

– All information is clearly explained:

– Check-in procedures are the same for both dress-rehearsals on the 6th and the concerts on the 7th

– Performers and audience members showing proof of negative test will need to show a PCR test that was administered within 72hrs of the concert date. Since the concert is on 11/7, the earliest the PCR test can be administered would be Thursday 11/4.

Who will be checking the documentation? Popejoy front of house staff will have check-in stations in the lobby and backstage to check for either vaccine record or negative PCR test results. They will also ask for ID with this to verify identity. For students, a school ID would be preferable, or something like that.

– They will distribute wristbands at check-in. Once you have a wristband, you won’t need to show documentation again.

– The Popejoy staff are simply checking for the existence of one of these two types of information and will not be keeping the information or storing it anywhere for any purpose.

Can documentation be presented on smart phones? Yes

YS Dress Rehearsal – Saturday, November 6th, 8:00am – 11:00am

Report Time: 7:30am

End Time: 11:00am

Location: Students should enter Popejoy Hall through the loading dock.

– Go down the stairs to the right, to unpack instruments below stage on the East Side Green and Dressing Rooms. Please keep a clear walkway with cases up against the walls.

– You may then go up stage right to wait in the hall with your instrument and music until you are invited to the stage for rehearsal.

– At 8:00am your parent managers will lead you up stage right to the stage.

– After rehearsal, exit Stage Right quickly and go back down the stairs to your cases.

Attire: Casual.

YS Concert – Sunday, November 7th, 6:00pm

Report Time: 5:00pm

Concert: 6:00pm

End Time: approximately 7:00pm

Location: Students should enter Popejoy Hall through the loading dock and quietly go backstage to unpack instruments. Please keep a clear walkway.

Concert Attire: Formal Concert Dress

Boys: Black suit jacket, black dress trousers, white long-sleeved dress shirt, black shoes and black socks, long black dress necktie (NOT a bow tie).

Girls: Black ankle-length dress, or black ankle-length slacks or skirt. Black short or long-sleeved shirt (shoulders must be covered). Black flat dress shoes. No colorful or shiny hair ornaments.

Recording: Real Image Productions will be recording the concert. Video DVD’s can be ordered at the concert.

Reception: After the concert, join us in the lobby for cake and lemonade to celebrate a fantastic concert!

Stage Reminders

– no liquids on stage (water dispenser/fountain can be found just offstage on either side)

– no liquids on top of hampers in the “trap room” (basement directly under the stage) as these contain out curtains

– please no exiting/jumping off the front of our stage

– use of puppy pads is much appreciated, and if a member of your group can be designated to check for any bodily fluids onstage post performances that would be greatly appreciated

– please send 3rd stage plot when you have it available

– cases are preferred stored in basement or greenroom in lieu of backstage, when possible

– all backstage entry should be through the loading dock doors. we will determine ways to expedite covid checks at entry

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